I’m a proud mama to an incredibly sweet and oh-so-sassy little girl, a kind-hearted little boy, and the sweetest and happiest little boy you’ll ever meet!

Cold weather, cozy leggings or sweatpants, and crewneck sweatshirts are my jam. Give me that chilly breeze and comfy attire, and I’m in my element. 

My journey has taken me from being a dental hygienist to a stay-at-home mom, and now a podcast manager. My passions lie in all things related to birth, pregnancy, postpartum, parenting, marriage, mental health awareness, and women’s health. Seriously, I could chat about these topics for hours on end. Got a birth story to share? I’m all ears! 

When I’m not busy helping female entrepreneurs with their podcasts, you’ll find me chasing after my two big kids and probably reminding them to keep their voices down (if you’re a mom, you know what I’m talking about!) or I’m on the couch snuggling my sweet baby boy. He’s seriously the best! 

But enough about me— I’d love to hear more about YOU and your podcast goals!

Increased Brand Visibility

Hosting a podcast allows you to showcase your expertise and share valuable insights with your audience. As you consistently deliver high-quality content, you establish yourself as an authority in your industry, boosting your brand visibility and attracting new potential customers.


Podcasting provides a unique opportunity to connect with your audience on a personal level. Through the power of voice and storytelling, you can build a loyal community of listeners who feel connected to you and your brand. This engagement fosters trust, strengthens relationships, and increases customer loyalty.

Revenue Streams

Podcasting offers various monetization opportunities. You can generate revenue through sponsorships, advertising, product or service promotions, or even creating exclusive premium content for dedicated listeners. As your podcast grows, you can explore different revenue streams and turn your passion into a profitable business.


  • Pasta is the way to my heart
  • I went on my first flight at 21 years old
  • I love playing sports
  • I’m terrified of heights + open water
  • I’m an April Fool’s baby!

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